About Us

We are the newly founded West Suburban, IL, chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. We believe everyone should be able to live a full and dignified life. We demand a society where all participate as equals and are respected for their worth as human beings. We demand a society where, through democratic processes, a full life for all is achieved.

We cover a large territory of the Illinois' western suburbs, spanning from Goose Lake in the south to the Wisconsin border. To find out if you're in our territory, click here. We include everything within the red lines. Our monthly meetings are on the second Sunday of the month in the College of DuPage cafeteria. You do not have to be a DSA member to attend, although it is encouraged. During these meetings we discuss both short- and long-term goals and how we can organize most effectively in our communities.

Update: We received a lot of requests to create a branch closer to folks in Lake and McHenry counties and so here we are! With the hard work of a couple WSDSA comrades, we have the date set for a social and our first branch meeting! Please reach out to info@westsuburbsildsa.org or lake-mchenry@westsuburbsildsa.org with any questions! Also make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

Our local committees include women's rights, minority rights, activism, and education. We use these committees to work on issues in our communities by organizing locally and serving as a bridge between various progressive organizations.

-The economy must be run democratically; none shall be poor so another can be rich
-The abolition of poverty
-Affordable, humane housing for all
-Universal Medicare-for-all
-Free education: from pre-K to trades, college and beyond
-Democracy in the workplace, all workers have the right to organize
-Complete reproductive freedom in all forms
-An end to racial, gender and all other forms of oppression
-An end to punitive justice and mass incarceration
-An end to military and police aggression
-Democratic control over the environment to preserve the planet

Membership Organizer: Samantha

Internal Organizer: Smitty

Strategy Organizer: Ryan

Outreach Organizer: Vince

Administration Organizer: Sean