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West Suburban IL DSA Statement on Venezuela

February 23rd, 2019

The West Suburban IL chapter of the DSA, in the strongest possible terms, formally condemns the right-wing coup perpetrated by the US government and its allies, and stands with the people of Venezuela and their democratically elected government. The United States is not and should not be the arbiter of the Venezuelan democratic process.

We will resist all American intervention in Latin America, and condemn this brazen escalation of tensions in the region. We will not abide a foreign policy of terror which serves only the interests of capital at the expense of the Venezuelan people. We reject Mr. Guaido as so-called interim president, and further seek to end the economic sanctions levied against Venezuela by the U.S. ruling class.

Moreover, we demand a explicit denouncement of American interference in Venezuela by progressives and progressive candidates, and invite other chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America to issue similar statements of solidarity.

Viva socialismo. #HandsOffVenezuela ✊🌹