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Allied Organizations
Illinois Single-Payer Coalition
Physicians for a National Health Program
Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice
Immigrant Solidarity DuPage

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic
Bees of North America
Banks Funding DAPL
How to Provide Financial Support to Standing Rock
What is Warming the World
Report Resurgence of Progressive Massive Fibrosis in Coal Miners
Species Vanishing
The Great Nutrient Collapse

Minority's Rights
How Immigrants Can Protect Themselves During a Trump Presidency
Muslim Ban Resource Guide
Know Your Rights & What Immigrant Families can do to Prepare
Guidance for Schools
Community Resources for Immigrants
BLM Resources List
March on Washington Program

Women's Rights
How to Support Planned Parenthood
SexEd Library
Digital Tools for STDs and Consent
Planned Parenthood Pamphlets
Sexual Health Videos
Planned Parenthood Research Papers
Sexual Health Curricula & Manuals

Mental Health
Self-Care for Activists
Mental Health Toolkit
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Open Path Collective: Therapy at Lower Rates
Better Help: Online Therapy at Lower Rates
Mindspot: Free Screening & 8-week Course on Anxiety and Depression
Correspond with a Therapist
Recovery Ink: Online and In-Person Group Therapy
RAINN: National Sexual Assault Hotline
DuPage County Health Crisis Center
Lake County Behavioral Health
Free Mental Health and Addictions Resources
Crisis Text Line: Text HELP to 741741 and you can talk to a licensed therapist via text

Find a Bank that Cares
Find a Credit Union
Find a Credit Union II
How to Break up with your Mega Bank
Find a Community Bank

Chicago's Video Surveillance Cameras & Threat to Privacy
Know Your Police Officer
Cook County Population Loss
City Councils Must Allow Public Comment

Leak information
How to Talk to Your Child about Privacy
How to Know if Your Device is Compromised

Contact Your Rep
Phone Your Rep
Write to Your Rep
Go To Your Rep's Town Hall
Fax Your Rep
Contact the White House

The Captured Project
Women's Art about Trump Presidency

Basic Income
Presentation on Basic Income
Basic Income and "Laziness"
UBI Could be the "Social Vaccine"
Why We Should Have a Basic Income

The Importance of Collaboration
Indivisible Guide to Resist Trump's Agenda
Crowd Fund Political Action
Find a "Better" Business
Know Your Rights List